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The Investor Collective

A Modern Business with a Collective Vision

The management team at Faction and the Full Stack Supply Co. are dedicated create the best skis and outdoor gear in the business. We go great lengths to do so in a better, inspiring way, and in doing so celebrate the fans and riders who bring them to life. Our Collective.

With a modern, Collective vision for our products, media and supply chain, we have also evolved a modern capitalization structure.

The Faction Collective SA is majority-owned by individual investors like you.  Some of us have invested over €1m, many more have invested smaller amounts.  We are entrepreneurs, business owners, finance professionals (PE, asset management, corporate finance, venture, ) and avid adventurers.  Rather than filtering our capital through venture, PE and pension funds, we have invested directly, and joining Faction & FSSC’s growth journey as shareholders.

Octopus Ventures - an innovative venture fund which has been a great supporter of our transformative, premium, digitally-led vision - has been an excellent investment partner and also holds a minority stake in the business.

Together we have capitalized Faction and The Full Stack Supply Co. through its Early Stages of business: Creating and refining core strengths and differentiators, media and brand messaging, supply chain and an experienced, forward-looking management team.  We are now entering the next chapter - Growth Stage.

Drawn together by a love for the mountains, our investors deliver unfiltered feedback, expert product testing and strong advocacy, shaping the future of The Faction Collective.  We welcome feedback and open dialogue from our valued investors.

Thank you for being part of The Investor Collective as Faction, FW and FSSC create something powerful, differentiated and … ours together.

Enjoy the journey,

Alex Hoye & The entire Faction Collective

CEO & co-founder Alex Hoye & Chairman Balz Roth at 2020 Investor Day in Verbier – the lifts closed, but our investors and management persevered, touring together to the top.

Key Dates

  • 07 August 2020: The Investor Collective 2020/21 Season website launch, a week before public access
  • 16th December 2020: Last ship date for Christmas delivery
  • 20 March 2021: Verbier Investor Day*
  • 30 June 2021: FY2021 fiscal year end

*Each spring, dozens of investors join us in Faction’s home mountain of Verbier - the heart of the Swiss Alps. Hosted by Faction management including CEO and Co-Founder Alex Hoye, chairman and investor Balz Roth and cameos by world class athletes, The Investor Day is an opportunity to preview next year’s products and seasonal strategies and to spend a few hours discussing what worked and what didn’t in the past and the journey to the future (having equity analysts in the investor base tends to make these discussions a bit like trial runs for earnings calls sometimes!).

The Investor Collective Discount Scale

Investment % Discount
€1,000 - €10,000 10%
€10,000 - €50,000 20%
€50,000 - €100,000 30%
€100,000+ 40%