Mounting my skis

We now recommend three mounting point options: Newschool, Progressive and Classic. Check out this video for more information on each mounting option.

Prodigy, Agent, Dictator, La Machine

Only the Classic mounting position is marked on these skis. We recommend to mount them at the Progressive mounting position to take full advantage of them, so you'll want to measure +1.5 cm forward from the marked boot mounting point (BMP) on the skis.


Candide Thovex Signature Series

Only the Newschool mounting position is marked on the Candide Thovex Signture Series skis. It is located at the narrowest part of the skis, where Candide designed the skis to be ridden on, and where he rides them himself.


Junior Skis

The Progressive mounting option is marked on the Junior skis.


You will find the BMP for the different mounting options for all our 21|22 skis under this link.